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IMG 3343Welcome,

My name is Ula Wolska. I am right now official breeder in kennel which founded my Mother Malgorzata Zimna. Firslty I helped my mum, learned a lot. I study in kennel club to learn many necessary things to be a breeder- passed exam as a judge assistant too. And my mam gave me her kennel with her kennel name ;)


  In 1997 moved with us bitch breed Dogue de Bordeaux. Rhapsody brought from kennel in Radom - Z Wólki. She was a real treasure. In 2003 he began to ponder over the other dog. Unfortunately, Rhapsody no pregnancy occurred in a puppy after it so we had no options left. And so again went to kennel in Radom. In that time there was born a wonderful litter of bullmastiff. We read a little about race, listened, and when we saw a cute little one decided to buy one brindle girl. In August 2003, brought to Krakow our first bitch breed of Bullmastiff - Egeria z Wólki.

Thanks to Egeria the our kennel began to exist not only on paper. Kennel name was registered in ZKwP few good years, however, litter if we were not given. When Rhapsody died we decided to breed Egeria-we knew that one dog in the house will be empty. And so in May 2007 was born the first litter in our kennel - Litter A.

Beginning breed I has set itself a few rules that I try to use:

Our rules:

  1. Never mating bitches before 3 seasons.wystawa 055
  2. Not mating, if we do not have a set of tests. Our females are examined by specialists, have appropriate health certificates: joints, heart and eyes.
  3. Not breeding a bitch is HD D, ED 2
  4. Breeding only with examinated sires.
  5. Each of our bitches can have puppies up to 3 times in my life.
  6. Last mating occurs later than 6 years of age, unless they are medical contraindications.
  7. Our dogs live with us at home and are full members of the family. Up to the house we have 3 dogs each to be able to devote enough time.

Planning to buy a puppy?

  1. Every puppy from our breeding goes neurological stimulation and appropriate psychological tests PAT (Puppy Atitiude Test)
  2. Every puppy from us "go" from layette:
    1. Fodder for a few days
    2. Collar
    3. Vaccination
    4. Deworming
    5. Chip
    6. Metric
    7. Health booklet
    8. Passport
    9. Leash
    10. Toy
  3. Once you have decided on a puppy from our kennel, please visit the kennel. When it is really not very possible, please contact us.
  4. We have puppies occasionally, so if you care about your puppy from our kennel, please enter the waiting list. In the part of our website: planned breeding You can find information about planned litter and get acquainted with prospective parents.

About us